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Environmental Awareness Application

An app designed to create environmental awareness among the users

About Client

Environmental Awareness Application




The client wanted to develop a cross platform app that works on both Android and iOS based on IONIC Framework. They wanted to develop this app to create awareness among the users about consumption of water and carbon dioxide through a game/quiz based approach. 

Technical Objective

  • Meeting deadline in the first phase to make client agree to continue with the further app development fund release (Client already had selected ionic framework. He already had chosen other vendor for development but he was not able to deliver and he left the application in a stage where the application was not heading to a proper deliverable condition). 
  • Make HTML5 CSS Animations like moving train, plane, open/close doors, move vehicles on roads. 
  • Compatibility with all Android, IOS devices in Market. 


  • The app was divided into three sections: 
    • Category wise questions – Categories were Eat and Drink, Home, etc. 
    • Challenges – Encouraging the user to decrease CO2 and H2O consumption. 
    • Achievements – Based on completion of challenges. 
  • We developed the application in Cordova which was the extension of his existing application. 
  • Random Animations were added which gave a nice UI experience to user 
  • History and last modified dates were included which gave the client a clear picture of what were the daily activities that were modified. 
  • Based on the values entered by the user a Scale was included which measured users overall score. 


Client was able to know what the consumers were using more in their day to day life which acted as a roadmap for him for his further Research and development 

Technology Stack