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With developments in mobile technology ‘Develop once and use everywhere’ approach is gaining benefits. A cross development platform, Xamarin enables building apps with native UI, native API access, and native performance on a shared C# codebase. .NET is a developer platform made up of programming languages, libraries, and tools for creating many different types of applications.

The .NET developer platform is extended by Xamarin with libraries and tools particularly for building apps for iOS, android, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and Windows.

We at Prakash, as an experienced Xamarin Mobile app Development Company strive to build best, purpose-driven, comprehensive and thoughtful, enterprise mobile apps.

Treasured by Developers, Trusted by Enterprise

We are loved for our innovative and responsive Xamarin mobile application development. From .NET frameworks to C# and toolkits like Xamarin.forms to boost Xamarin mobile application development we have robust operating systems. With Visual Studio app center and Xamarin Studio, we engage with a variety of feature- rich tools that drive revolution into Xamarin app development.

Experienced Microsoft Partner

  • Over other development platforms that use the mobile platform’s native languages, Xamarin has more benefits.
  • Xamarin apps are time-saving that helps in sharing 80% of the code approximately, thus making code maintenance more efficient and minimizing development costs.

Services We Offer

End-to-End Mobility Solutions Using Xamarin

Xamarin Forms Development

With our Xamarin development creations we bring-out high-end usability paired with innovation that can only be delivered by Xamarin.Forms toolkit. With prototyping techniques of Xamarin Classic development or Xamarin Native via the platform- independent coding, our Xamarin certified developers strive to add cutting edge functionality into mobile applications.

Prakash Software Solutions delivers the best ROI to its clients by reusability to build platform-specific user interfaces within a single development environment.

  • Responsive Web Application Design

  • Progressive Web Design

  • Custom Progressive Application Development

  • Application Shell Architecture

Xamarin Native App Development

With our offerings, we ensure to deliver the best native app experiences. We focus on delivering the best Xamarin apps along with single code-base, cross-platform compatibility, reduced production time, and high-performance. Every day we strive to bring excellence with new standards of enterprise mobile app development.

Migration & Upgradation

At Prakash, we always believe in excellence. With a single source code repository for multiple platforms, we support quality migration of your business applications to Xamarin in one go. Our team of experienced professionals conducts a cloud migration assessment before you plan to switch your native apps to the cloud ensuring competence, speed, and enhanced security.

  • Database Migration

  • App Migration

  • Updates and Integration

  • Application Shell Architecture

Complete Maintenance and Support

Right from project onset, we leverage the full potential of Xamarin cross-platform app development. From design to post-release maintenance services we are always there to support our client. We help you seamlessly fine-tune Business-to-business (B2B), Business-to-consumer (B2C) and Business-to-employee (B2E) Xamarin app performance, fast-track time-to-market post platform version changes (if any), rapidly resolve issues without challenges, and stay conversant with the trending features.

Also, our team ensures International amenability standards to offer consistent app performance via result-oriented quality checks.

  • Analysis & Monitoring

  • Code Review & Audit

  • App Testing - Automation & Unit Testing

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From planning to designing each step plays a vital role in the creation of a smart mobile test automation plan. If automation is done correctly it can save the testing time and we work for the same goal. We clearly understand that everything cannot be automated although lots of manual mobile testing is needed.

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Work Client Stories

Apps for Retail, Europe

Prakash Software Solutions has completely supported us with many of our projects. From onset till project completion we have received the best support. They have delivered excellent work, enabling us timely and affordable solutions. We are in talks to extend our partnership with Prakash for lots of our upcoming projects.

USA Client
Owner, CEO

I would like to thank Prakash Software Solutions for their excellent services around the clock. Thanks a lot, Kushal for the excellent job done. I am grateful to you and Krunal and to all the team behind you for the best services delivered. I am happy with Prakash and will be extending my future projects with the company and referring them for quality services.

Thanks Again.

Why Choose Prakash as your Xamarin Mobile App Development Partner?

Crux Knowledge

Prakash Software Solution is a trusted technology partner with relevant expertise in mobile application development. We are efficient enough to transform your thinking into concrete and cost-effective next-gen solutions through extraordinary cross- platform apps.

Pure Native App Experience

With a single code base, we help to build Xamarin apps that provide exact native app experience in relevant platforms.

Shared C# Code

Our applications use the common (same) language, data structures, and APIs to share the maximum of app code across all mobile development platforms.

High-performance Apps

Prakash, as one of the trusted Xamarin application development companies, understands that with rapidly advancing technology mobile app development thrives on testing, rapid prototyping, and speed-to-market.

We apply agile principles and emerging trends to work out high-performance apps with consistent cross-platform experience.

Technical Competency

Our well-versed team possesses strong technical competency and an integrated approach to future-ready Xamarin application development using .Net, APIs, Objective C, Test Cloud, Virtual Studio (iOS & Windows), and other significant mobile technologies. We can help you get the best game-changer application.

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