Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

Disasters are not only catastrophic to your organization’s IT infrastructure but also to the application resources and the associated critical data. Disasters, whether natural or not, can put the hosted IT resources of your organization’s in jeopardy.

With the current advancements taking place in the field of cloud computing the above scenario has changed and the response to these disasters is easy and economical. The existing state of technological advancement has moved much to the benefit of enterprises.Disaster Recovery (DR) that was beforehand applicable to only critical projects has now shifted to any project regardless of its scale, significance, and critical level.

With Microsoft Azure Storage and Data Recovery

If you are an organization that has continuously regarded former cloud-based DR solutions with hesitation, this is high time you brace up for the cutting-edge evolutions in the area of cloud computing.

With Microsoft Azure storage and data recovery:

  • You can defend, copy, and secure your virtual machines without unnecessary complications and unexpected overheads. This reflects in the flexibility and reliability of your mission-critical applications.
  • The resulting competence and reliability from Microsoft Azure storage and data recovery affect directly and thus, raise the bottom line of your organization.
  • In addition to the obvious advantage, it also disaffirms the necessity to capitalize on a backup datacenter.

Microsoft Azure presents an infrastructure agnostic disaster recovery solution that means it will work with your standing infrastructure. It will efficiently boost your existing business resources while offering the basic storage for your application assets including database, codebase, media, and other content.

Microsoft Azure storage, backup, and recovery management solutions assure peace of mind by securing your critical data against disasters.

Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd provides Microsoft Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery Services. This makes way for robust and scalable cloud storage and recovery solution powered by the very reliable Microsoft Azure which allows data backup of any size.

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We are Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with hands-on experience in Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services

Benefits of our Microsoft Azure Storage and Disaster Recovery Services


A global availability means Windows Azure storage provides enterprises a very secure and reliable storage solution for sort of enterprise needs and approvals. Microsoft Azure being developed with on-going robustness employs redundancy of data along your business verticals to allow seamless access to your business data in the case of a disaster.


Azure storage offers unprecedented scalability to comprise big, medium, and small data sets. You have the power to select where to put your data, and scale-up across data centers with Azure’s global accessibility.


With its global presence, Microsoft Azure provides organizations a cost-effective storage solution that is disaster-proof. With flexible pay-as-you-use billing, it will cost you much lower than most on-premise local hosting solutions.


Pondering the difficulty of former DR management solutions, Microsoft Azure offers a distinction in the form of DR as a service with quick setup, pattern, and maintenance for organizations of any size.

Don’t give disaster a chance to shatter you dreams.

Secure your data from any upcoming data risks with our state-of-the-art Azure Disaster Recovery solutions for your needs.

Contact Azure experts at Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd for complete peace of mind.

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We would like to thank PSSPL for assisting us in our project. They have an extremely wonderful team and their professionalism is second to none. It has been a fantastic team work. Thank you PSSPL!!

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