Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services

Simplifying cloud migration with Prakash Software Solutions and Microsoft Azure

At Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. we are providing Azure solutions since our inception. We have supported various companies in porting their present systems planning strategy and proper deployment for their accomplishment.

We believe that organizations can profit more by deploying their applications on Microsoft Azure. This is because their applications will be more responsive, consistent, available, and adaptable. And, naturally, they can have worldwide availability. These benefits are absent with on-premise infrastructure.

Are you troubled with Cloud Migration Pain Points?

Migration / Integration

Lack of Internal Process


Internal Resources / Profeciency


Budget / Pricing

Service-Level Management

Limited Transparency & Management

Service Reliability / Availability

PSSPL can help you out

Do you feel migrating your computing resources and applications infrastructure to the cloud seems like an intimidating proposal?

Cloud migrations help you with:

Higher Application Performance

Achieve Scalability


Our Azure migration specialists can make the whole process look like a cakewalk. We have a unique approach to simplify Azure cloud migrations so that you can emphasize updating your apps and enhance their feature sets instead of thinking about hardware and security.

Azure Application Migration as a service

Prakash offers end-to-end services for organizations looking for an optimal path to Azure app migration. A compatibility analysis for the newer cloud environment, a compliance adherence check, a disaster-recovery readiness test, an SLA check, and a security audit ensures a safe and reliable approach before moving applications to the Azure cloud.

We have expertise in leveraging the Azure App Service Migration Assistant to aid enterprises to build, audit, and deploy scalable web apps from WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. on the Azure cloud platform—at a single click or tap. Azure Web App Service Migration Assistant provides wide-ranging development tools, software development kits (SDKs), and virtualization to migrate gigantic web apps to Azure with their databases.

The overall total cost of ownership (TCO) is highly decreased with the Azure on- demand model, option to pay-as-you-use, simple computing packages, and well- organized resources management engine.

Azure DB Migration as a service

Integrated database (DB) migration policy is a vital part of distinct application migration and cloud policy. This is because every app is data-centric and has some business-critical elements to it.

Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. cleverly plans and organizes the most applicable Azure app and database migration policies. We also ensure our client gets the maximum business value of it.

Using Microsoft Azure DB Migration Service, we assist our clients to accelerate their database migration to a 100% cloud or hybrid environment. This enhances their operational efficiency. Our all-in-one, end-to-end Azure database migration services include database migration from MySQL, on-premises SQL Servers, Oracle database, as well as relational and non-relational databases to the Azure Cloud.

Key benefits of Microsoft Azure Application Migration Services
  • Database cloud migration reduces or eliminates the cost of hardware and time to maintenance.
  • Save more on your IT costs by decreasing or ending your dependence on hardware.
  • Azure application migration to the cloud allows you unparalleled scalability, and flexibility.
  • Azure applications can easily scale upward with reliability, and in a cost- effective manner as your user base grows.
  • Azure data migration means freeing your IT resources to focus on business- centric endeavors versus maintenance.
Work Client Stories
Anas A.
Project Lead
KAPSARK, Saudi Arabia

Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has indeed played a huge role in our successful project completion. They are a reliable vendor with multi-disciplinary expertise. We got seamless SharePoint help on our project that boosted our customer communication and improved user experience.

Allen Ervin
CENTAD Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

We would like to thank PSSPL for assisting us in our project. They have an extremely wonderful team and their professionalism is second to none. It has been a fantastic team work. Thank you PSSPL!!

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