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digital transformation

Digital Transformation empowered across industries by Microsoft Cloud

A theme for Microsoft Inspire this year (July 14-15, 2021) “The opportunity ahead for Microsoft is vast, but to seize it, we must focus clearly, move faster, and continue to transform”…Satya Nadella One of themes of Microsoft Inspire this year (July 14-15, 2021) is digital
tricks with laravel timestamps

Tricks with Laravel Timestamps

Learn some timestamp tricks in Laravel Laravel developed by Taylor Otwell, is a powerful MVC PHP framework. It is designed for developers who require a smart and simple toolkit to build full-featured web apps. A user can do many interesting things with laravel timestamp. Want
microsoft power fx

Microsoft Power FX: What is it and why is it important?

Maximize your business productivity Are you looking to multiply your business productivity? Yes, you heard it right. This content piece is a walk-through around Microsoft Power FX and its impact. Microsoft Power FX was launched by Microsoft at the Microsoft Ignite, 2021. What is Power
multi tenant active directory

Guide to Multi-Tenant Active Directory

Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure’s Azure Active Directory multi-tenant authentication provides the potential to centralize identity management and improve usability across an organization’s Azure apps. When a user agrees to the procedure, tenant credentials from one Azure AD application can be used in another Azure AD
sharepoint intranet

SharePoint Intranet

Helping your remote teams to work better Have you ever wondered? What do you need in your intranet? What are your corporate objectives for the Intranet? What exactly do you want to achieve? Across the globe, COVID-19 has been declared a pandemic and it has
azure learning experiences

Azure Career Ideas For The New Year 2020

When 2020 is upon us, it is reasonable to take time to reflect on the successes (and challenges) of the current year and to start planning for the coming year. One of our New Year’s resolutions was to carry on streaming live software development topics
psspl company sports 2021

PSSPL Company Sports Fest 2021

A well enjoyed Weekend! When anyone at work hears about their company’s “Annual Sports Event” they all are so excited and back to their school days. No kid ever wishes to miss the fun and we at Prakash Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are no different.
power automate

Power Automate

Pay attention to what’s important. Automate the remaining. Power Automate was earlier known as Microsoft Flow. It allows you to create automated workflows among your Microsoft services or other 3rd-party applications. This enables staff to avoid carrying out repetitive tasks and save their precious time.

Key Benefits of Using Blazor Framework for Full-Stack Web Apps

JavaScript was considered as the boon for the world of web apps. With this language, developers can create user-friendly, beautiful interfaces on browsers. But .NET developers do not have this advantage. With the entry of Blazor by Microsoft, this is about to change. So let’s know
microsoft 365 roadmap

Microsoft 365 Roadmap – Updates to Microsoft Teams

With the New Year 2021 we welcome new excitement, new beginnings, new energy, and new ideas. We hope this year would bring a new spark of success in everyone’s life. With the New Year, Microsoft 365 Roadmap is live! Let us explore what Microsoft has