Covid-19 Help!

Prakash Software Pvt. Ltd.
Covid-19 Help!

We are here for you! We advise you comprehensively and without restriction in this difficult time!


The effects of Covid-19 significantly influence the World Economy. Both entrepreneurs and employees have many questions that need to be answered quickly and in detail. We are still there for you in this turbulent time!


We are aware of the seriousness of the current situation. As a company, we have taken numerous important measures to protect our employees and our customers. We also want to guarantee that we will continue to advise you comprehensively and accompany you through this challenging time - on schedule and without serious restrictions and interruptions.


Contact us with any questions you may have as an entrepreneur due to the current economic situation. The employees of the Prakash Software Solutions are available to you quickly and without red tape with advice and action. 


What does the Covid-19 Coronavirus mean for your company?

Do not hesitate! Contact US! and get comprehensive advice from our experts! The corona virus presents us with numerous challenges to be overcome. The economy is faced with a large or in some cases even complete loss of sales. There are various support measures for affected companies.


We advise you on the Technical measures: How can I upgrade my company technically better in the future so that I don't have to deal with problems such as access to receipts or similar even in turbulent times, to have to deal with in the home office?


We know that the current situation due to Covid-19 is a hitherto unknown challenge for all of us. That is why it is more important to be able to prepare your company in the best possible way for potential restrictions, losses or failures and to be able to react quickly in difficult and turbulent times like this. For such extreme situations as we are currently experiencing, we can help you as an entrepreneur quickly and at short notice - this does not only concern the answering of your questions, but also technical support. You have not yet found a solution to the current exceptional situation and need a long-term solution to protect your company and your employees?

Do not hesitate but contact us immediately if you would like to find out about the effects, measures and technical support relating to your company!

Since the spread and consequently the effects of the Coronavirus Covid-19 are constantly changing, we also recommend that you read the latest information on the official website of the authorities!


We recommend that you keep yourself informed about the latest developments.


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